Project of Estonian and German youth was organised with partner organization Chance International . The youngsters play during each youth encounter Theater, deal with topics / issues that are very important in their lives (the future, self-realization, career, health, wealth), looking for answers / solutions and present their results in the form of theater performances. The youth exchanges was  in Berlin and Tallinn.

The project focuses on current problems of young people in Europe and neighboring countries: being alien, being unemployed, being at a disadvantage, being different etc. It will set the goal to define problems of young people in the modern society and to look for solutions. Through the theater training the young people will be able to express their problems and their solutions.
Another aim is to attract attention to the problems of young people in the society: in form of small public performances (street theater). The performances are intended to identify not only the problems but also arouse interest for European youth issues.

During the project the participants are involved in the following activities:
-Meeting of young people from other European cultural space;
-Discussions and conversations on problems of young people in the EU and its neighboring countries;
— Theater Training: Body language and self-presentation;
— Street theater performances and their reflection;
— Measures for impact and visibility of the project;
— Dissemination and publication of project results (in social media, local media);
— Documentation of the project.

With our project we want to enable young people with fewer opportunities:
— to work in an intercultural team;
— to address conflicts and edit;
— to accept criticism and to practice;
— to listen to another person and to assert themselves;
— to experience success and to take failures as a challenge;
— to recognize cultural diversity and appreciate it;
— to looki at the differences as an enrichment;
— to work ndependent and in a team;
— to use Use theater methods for the development of their personality;
— to use theater as a space for social discussions;
— to define the own professional development.

During the youth meetings much emphasis is put on non-formal learning methods, communicate using acting techniques, there are training courses held in body language, communication and self-presentation.

As project results we see theater performances of young people on the streets, short videos and publications about the project and possibly touring exhibitions in the partner countries.