Youth Exchange “TECHknowledge”
Dates: September-October 2019
Countries: Estonia, Poland, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Nederland.

In the modern society technology is indispensable part of humanity everyday lives. Everyday they develop and it’s almost impossible to find a profession without any technology competences. It’s mostly seen, that at school students use technology to get some information, to make presentation etc. Without smartphones, computers, smart boards etc. Impossible to imagine modern education. Modern student can’t imagine life without electronic diaries, study programs, through which new material is more memorable. However, it’s becoming more popular to get a part in e-courses for self development. In the Internet person can find everything, that is interesting for him. Technology is getting more available, despite geographical location and social status.
From personal experience, which our team members got through previous Youth Exchanges, one of the most interesting topics for debates where countries development in technology, which differences in technology using methods we have. Participants from different countries where always shocks, how many differences, especially in school and university education, we have. Through our Youth Exchange “TECHknowledge” we want to share international knowledge about using tools for education and self-education and influence for young generation development. Information sharing between young people from different countries are going to be first step for information spreading out, how technology is changing our lives and up growth us. During the Youth Exchange we will get to know better other cultures and their traditions. Diversity of the project helps us to see more clearly technology using in partner countries. However, we will develop technical and communication skills, because at workshop time participant going to communicate a lot. All participants of the projects will get indispensable experience.

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