«Healthy Lifestyle – ways to make your future brighter and successful»

Title: Healthy Lifestyle – ways to make your future brighter and successful
Action: Youth Exchange in London (UK)
Dates: 7th to the 17th July 2017 (Arriving on 7th and return on 17th)

Project summary: The idea of this project was developed during an EVS project in London at NICOLA. Participants from Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine will participate in this project. So participants from six different countries will share their experience, ideas and culture. Participants will learn about the competencies YouthPass, about the possibilities of the Erasmus + program. There will be also informal sessions and a cultural evening were participants will be able to get acquainted with the culture, traditions and food of the participating countries.

The theme that we will discuss is: healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and sport; entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, multi-cultural education, job to eliminate stereotypes and fears, sessions on equality and gender inequality, in which participants will learn the situation in other countries, and how to solve these problems on a European scale.

The objectives: The program is designed so that the participants of the project creates a cross-cultural dialogue, dispel stereotypes in relation to other countries, learn the culture of other member countries exchange, learned to work in an international team together and cope with difficulties, learn to stick to a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and sport and find ways to popularize a healthy lifestyle, sports in their cities, regions. The project should have a strong impact on the territory, especially in the months ahead its realization. This will be due to the new approach the participants will have toward finding work, continuing their training and or starting a more healthy life.

The activities that we will develop during the project are: working groups meetings, assessment activities throughout the project, play groups, working groups, meetings with cultural associations, working and discussion for the dissemination of the project results and producing creative materials.